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In addition to offering supervised visitation (both monitored and full sight and sound) and facilitated child exchanges, Ace's Place also offers related services, including:


  • general parenting classes

  • abusive / protective parenting classes

  • cooperative parenting classes  

  • provide documentation for court and CHFS services, 

  • individualized activities for the families (team building and learning quality time)

  • foster parents’ day out drop off services (weekday hours) 

  • single parents' day out drop off services 

  • workshops and seminars on topics such as successful co-parenting strategies, understanding teens and life after divorce 

  • birthday party room rentals​

  • sight and sound visitation

  • individual therapy

  • group therapy

  • art therapy

  • co-parenting therapy

  • reunification therapy

  • parenting classes

  • parenting after abuse classes

  • drug & alcohol treatment

  • custodial evaluations

  • psychological evaluation

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